Pep Talk Your Pu…

Am I the only one who sits in her car outside of her cutty buddy’s home or even in commute there, will talk to myself about not allowing the good penis to cause me to catch feelings? Like seriously! I will sit there and be like, “Okay now…we’re going to just go in there and get this wood! Do not look him into his eyes and do not kiss him! Do not ask him if the wood is yours bitch!” But once I’m actually in there and he is inside of me, all the rules have been thrown out the window.

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Choose Your Mate Like A New Business

Dating. There is no obligation to anyone when you are dating. Did you realize this? A lot of the times we all get caught up in giving one person too much of ourselves too soon without any form of legitimate commitment. I am very guilty of doing this and promised myself that I would not do it again. Let’s take a look at how Dating, being in a Intimate Relationship and finally, being Married are related to establishing a Business.

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So The Thrill Is Gone?

The thrill is not gone. You just got lazy and comfortable. I guess you think since you two have been together for so long he is not going anywhere. Or maybe you think your looks or bedroom skills got her on lock. Your screwed up thinking is what got you here in the first place. And you wonder why your woman or man doesn’t pay you any attention any more. Hmph. Let me tell you why and what to do about that.

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What Did You Say Your Name Was Again?


  We would go to the mall sometimes and he would say everybody looked different, like their faces were contorted. He once asked me were the people in the movies real people. It’s like at times he was completely zoned out. He could sit somewhere for hours and just stare at the wall. 

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