Choose Your Mate Like A New Business

Dating. There is no obligation to anyone when you are dating. Did you realize this? A lot of the times we all get caught up in giving one person too much of ourselves too soon without any form of legitimate commitment. I am very guilty of doing this and promised myself that I would not do it again. Let’s take a look at how Dating, being in a Intimate Relationship and finally, being Married are related to establishing a Business.

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Fear of Self Rejection

So it’s been a minute since I last posted. I’ve been going through some good emotions but that’s not what today’s post is about. It’s about rejectionOne thing that I have always feared about allowing my heart to be free and open is it being rejected in some form or fashion. So I reject myself without giving him the opportunity to beat me to it. Continue reading “Fear of Self Rejection”

I’m Probably Too Weird For You

I hate wearing socks. I love to see a man walk off. I love peach cobbler without peaches. I don’t fancy chocolate too much. The only time you will catch me eating it is if I’m upset or stressed. I absolutely hate bottom drawers. I only use bottom drawers or cabinets if it’s the last option. The first thing I notice about people is their teeth and their shoes. 

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Blindfolded Secrets…

We had been married for close to three years this month which felt like the best moments of my life. So when my husband came home one evening and told me he had something he wanted to discuss, it made me wonder. There wasn’t a day that went by where we weren’t discussing various topics including our spiritual beliefs, lifestyle and our future together. I never desired another man and he had no curiousities of being inside of another woman.

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Treat Them Accordingly!

You can’t turn a f!ck boy into your husband and you can’t turn a hoe into your wife, so stop trying to force it. 

F!ck boy: A man who isnt about sh*t.  A man without a five year plan. He has nothing to lose. A loser. 

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8 Steps to Dating & Keeping Your Eggs in the Basket

What happens when you place all of your eggs into one basket? You end up posting on a blog talking about your ass is practicing celibacy until something changes! I’m going to put it out there now-I don’t know how long this BS is going to last. But I know one thing is for sure…I will show you how to stop placing all of your eggs into one basket! 

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Sex: A Woman’s Thoughts in 60 Minutes

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You are how you f!ck

The man is lying on his back and the woman is in a squat position. She is moving back and forth …grinding …up and down ..breasts in his face…nipples erect…

I consider myself a very sexual person. Most scorpios are, we can’t help it. We live, breathe and ooze sex. Think about all the scorpios you have ever dated, had sex with or if you are a Scorpio yourself you already know. Have you ever wondered what a sexual position says about you

Come on. Let’s talk about sex and stuff…

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So The Thrill Is Gone?

The thrill is not gone. You just got lazy and comfortable. I guess you think since you two have been together for so long he is not going anywhere. Or maybe you think your looks or bedroom skills got her on lock. Your screwed up thinking is what got you here in the first place. And you wonder why your woman or man doesn’t pay you any attention any more. Hmph. Let me tell you why and what to do about that.

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