Wakanda D**k!

I know it’s been quite some time since you’ve heard from me but trust and believe the fun has not stopped!

So I decided to cut my cutty buddy off for real this time..December 28, 2017 was the last time we got together…and to my surprise, he had stepped his game up. There on the bed, I laid as I watch TV with him siping his cognac behind me. He knew what I was there for and so I left my panties intentionally at home as I came over in my loose sweatpants.

As the light from the television screen flickered off from the walls, I noticed his body shift while he got up and rested his head on top of my ass. My vajayjay’s nectar machine powered up and the juices began pumping as his hands firmly pulled my pants down and his lips softly kissed my asscheeks. I couldn’t control the moans…

There went the tongue across my asshole! Never had he ever tossed my salad but I guess tonight, his inner freak came out…

I damn near came from his hard suckles and tongue thrusts; I felt he was trying to make me go nuts for his young ass.

After he sucked on my brown eye, he made sure to throw me into the doggystyle position like a rag doll and eat it once more for the Vine. I came almost immediately. His grunts, groans and moans turned me on so much that I came even harder a third time. He growled as he almost stuck it into my glory eye…”Wrong Hole!!” I shouted out.

I’m sorry but when you’re hung like a horse, you gets no butt play from me unless I’m high or fucking drunk!! That’s too traumatizing for my small self to handle.

Once he adjusted himself, he sexed me into the sunset with sweat running down both of our bodies as we came to the grand finale of not just our climax, but this here fuck buddy relationnot.

We laid there and kissed before calling it a night…it hurt but I knew what I wanted, he wasn’t ready for. All he could provide is a thunder dick and amazing tongue for a night or two..that was it. I wasn’t meant for just this…

#WakandaD**k #SlimDudesGotIt #NothingLikeABlackMan

~Noir Taboo


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