Mrs…Come Get Your Husband!

Hey Y’all…I’m going to just dive into it seeing how I’ve been missing for a minute – hold onto your panties, grab your crotches and let’s go!

So during one of my alone moments where I wanted some attention, I decided to reach out to an ex boyfriend of mine from NC. Yup – sure did. I wanted attention and I knew just who would give it to me – J.

I hit him up on the Facebook messenger and he quickly responds. He knows how I get with him – I’ll get ghost on that ass real quick. It must have been a surprise that I did message him because he replied almost instantly.


So I call out to him and we begin talking about how I went incognito on him. I skip past all of that and ask him who he’s dating now because its always someone. He laughs and responds with “Jesus.” Negroid get that the fuck outta here! I knew damn well better but you know what, I went along with him game. So we end up talking on the phone while I’m at work for the remainder of the day. It was just small chat here and there but he obviously did not want me off of the phone, and secretly, I didn’t want to hang up.

The following day, we do the same thing all over again. He asked me to call him as soon as I get up in the morning and once I have myself ready for work. The night before, I texted him and told him how I was afraid of even remotely getting close to him again with the fear of getting hurt. He apologized over and over and even during our conversations, he admitted to how immature he was and how much he had changed.

Well this day which was Friday, we spoke throughout the day and laughed about our past together. He kept stating how he needs to come and visit me soon in Atlanta and I made the same statements about going to visit him. I had even told my mom that I had got back in touch with him and they spoke over the phone for a little. I then retrieved old photos of us that I had stored online and sent them to him. He was shocked and so was I – I really didn’t expect to really talk with him the way things had been going, but hell, what did I have to lose. I had even told my bestfriend who didn’t like him, that he and I were going to try and give things a 2nd chance seeing how even I seen a change in him.

Saturday rolls its big stanking ass around and we’re talking once again, all day. So he tells me that if I decide to come and visit him, he would help me out with the ticket. Bet. Saturdays are my days off from work so as I laid in bed, we spoke over the phone while he worked. This became a daily chore for the both of us and it felt like the old days. Well, I should have known something old about him would resurface. I had just told my bestie how I really believed he changed for the better and I wanted to just take my time and enjoy the moments.

So we get off of the phone and I’m all happy…looking at flights on my phone. So I texted him my plans for next month to visit and he replied with “okay.” I lay my head down and something gets me up and tells me, “look at his FB.” Now, I’m not sure what I’m looking for but I listen as I sit up and go to his page.


I don’t know why but once on his page, something told on “About.”


I almost blew a damn gasket! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I sent him a text so quick like “Are you fucking serious! You’re married!!” Of course I didn’t hear from him that night but he definitely texted me the next morning asking if I could talk. I told him to call and he did with some lame ass excuse about this chick losing benefits and so on if she wasn’t married. Miss me with the fuckery…uh ma’am..come get your good for nothing husband! This went on to show me, you could never teach an old dog new tricks. All of what he told me was his sorry ass game and thankfully, I had this moment of realization that kept me from going to bed immediately Saturday night.

Until later,



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