Pep Talk Your Pu…

Am I the only one who sits in her car outside of her cutty buddy’s home or even in commute there, will talk to myself about not allowing the good penis to cause me to catch feelings? Like seriously! I will sit there and be like, “Okay now…we’re going to just go in there and get this wood! Do not look him into his eyes and do not kiss him! Do not ask him if the wood is yours bitch!” But once I’m actually in there and he is inside of me, all the rules have been thrown out the window.

Women are emotional beings. We can pour our entire heart into one person even if we know they’re no good for us, simply because we dive in chest first. Once a woman is emotionally attached to you, you’ll find her saying and doing things a little bit more differently. When she comes over, she may offer to wash the dishes or make up the bed after you’ve just had great sex. She may want to cook for you one evening or even suggest you guys cook a meal together. Maybe it’s just me dammit! But after some good wood, I turn into Mrs. Doubtfire! Now let me correct myself, it isn’t just after the wood. If we’ve been talking for a minute and I already love your intellectual side and I feel as though you have such strong qualities, then yes, Mrs. Doubtfire I am.I found myself conducting my own one-on-one pep talks before I would make my way to the front door.

Is this weird? Am I the only one? Let me get some feedback here with this one because I know it has to be others out there that have done the same if not similar things with someone who was only intended to be a cutty buddy.

Even though I chop my cutty buddy off multiple times, I think until I really meet someone who can grasp me in all ways without trying to jump right into the bed with me, my dude will be there when the bed is too cold to sleep in alone. I am not placing all of my eggs into one basket anymore. This guy that I am getting to know now, knows that I have a cutty buddy because I told him. Do I feel some type of way if he has one? Not at all. We’re still getting to know one another and hell, he lives in NC (WTF is up with these out of staters?). He has really great potential thus far but until he relocates to GA in July 2017, this is just a trial period. He actually asked me the other day if it was too early to cut off the cutty buddies and I replied “way too early, we’re getting to know one another.”  Does he really understand this? Probably not.



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