Match Your Intentions

Anyone who truly knows me and how I once was, understands that as of currently, I have become a new person. I was never known to give a guy more than one chance back in the days because I felt as though it was wasting time. But I decided about a year or so ago, maybe giving another chance could show me something different within a person – and so I started.

I had a guy who had terrible sex but instead of immediately cutting him loose, I gave him two more chances.

I have a current cutty buddy who I’ve cut off plenty of times via text messages when I notice I’m liking him more than I really should but I end up going back to him when the pudding needs attention.

I had someone that I was getting to know, relationship-wise and after being told some real damaging honesty, I gave him more than one chance on more than one occasion until I realized – I can’t.

Where we all go wrong in life is when we connect with someone who does not have the same intentions as we. I don’t know if it is from boredom, curiosity or just being really naive in ignoring every sign they give us. Cut it out!!

All that you do is waste time on someone that eventually will either get tired of you or you get tired of them and leave. Cut your losses early and invest this time into someone who is on the same page as you or put it into your children (or yourself if you do not have children).

You desire a relationship that could eventually transition into marriage, yet you meet someone who is only looking for sex and has fears of commitment – that should be the tell all for you. We cannot continue to think that one day they will get on our level and want the same things. Yes, they just may but how much time is going to go by where you could have started off on the right foot with someone and be married already, by time this first person gets ready.

That’s just my rant though. If what you are doing, works for you – then so be it. When you get the chance, take a look at my other post “Choose Your Mate Like A New Business” and maybe, just maybe this will help shed more light.



One thought on “Match Your Intentions

  1. Wow this was a very good post! I agree with you…I feel as though a lot of women (men too) get into this rut of just going along for the ride until their mate is ‘ready’. Or worse we date their potential hoping one day they get on our level or turn around and head in the same direction as us. Such a waste of time! As you stated, cut your losses early and invest your time into something more worthy!


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