Is It Time To Upgrade Yourself?

Are you happy with you? Are there some things you know you need to change so that you can be a better person, friend, daughter, son or parent? I do have a few changes I would like to make for the new year. 

1. Stop holding on to anger. I have a quiet temper and what I mean by that is …I will take, take, take and then BOOM. And once I’m mad I’m MAD and I will hold onto that anger dragging it into days, weeks and sometimes months.

 It’s not healthy to continue doing this and it’s a waste of time. I have already started letting things go. I will allow myself to be upset then maybe vent to a friend or write and then LET IT GO. 

2. Stop taking everything so personal. I’m a very strong person but I’m also sensitive. My feelings are easily hurt but I want to learn to ignore certain things and comments. Maybe the person meant to offend me..maybe they didn’t. 

3. Stop holding grudges. I’m a Scorpio and we tend to hold grudges like no other. 

I can stop speaking to someone for foreverrrrr. I forgive very easily but I don’t forget. I may even extend an olive branch to a friend that I lost this year that tried to come back into my life.

4. I want to travel more. Even if it’s just a weekend getaway 2 hours away. I have so many vacations planned and I am going to take them all! Going to New York is on my bucket list!

5. Visit my friends more. I definitely go out and see my friends but I’m introvert and I loveeee being at home. That’s going to change because all my friends and family are definitely going to start seeing more of me. 

That’s about it. We are all a work in progress and nobody is perfect.  I’ve already put some of my changes into motion and feel great about it. I’ll keep you updated. What things are you leaving behind in 2016? What new things will you bring to life in 2017?

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