I’m Probably Too Weird For You

I hate wearing socks. I love to see a man walk off. I love peach cobbler without peaches. I don’t fancy chocolate too much. The only time you will catch me eating it is if I’m upset or stressed. I absolutely hate bottom drawers. I only use bottom drawers or cabinets if it’s the last option. The first thing I notice about people is their teeth and their shoes. 

I consider myself to be a weird soul but I think everybody has their weird habits and phobias. 

Continued list of my weirdness:

• I wash my hands probably 20 times a day and if I’m at your house or you are at mine I make sure to listen out for the water after you come out the bathroom. If I don’t hear it ..we gonna have a serious problem 

• I love the smell of coffee but I don’t drink it

•I have really bad road rage. When someone cuts me off I take it personal.

• I love to people watch and wonder what their life is like  

•I love to see a man in work boots and if they scuffed and a little worn (Omgggggg). I just love a hard working man

• If I like a  particular food I will eat it every day for a week, sometimes more 

• I love the feel of washing powder. It relaxes me 

• I have a fear of dying one day in fatal car accident 
•I love watching a man eat food. It’s such a turn on!

• I love Jamaican accents. I think it’s the sexiest accent ever. People from NY have sexy ones too

• I love staring at myself naked 

•Love a man in sweats, especially gray ones. *drooling*. Sheesh!

•I hateeeeeeeeeeee talking on the phone. It’s like watching paint dry! I hate it! Text, email me or come to see me but please don’t call me. 

• I have to read something everyday. Newspaper, book, magazine,something. I feel lost without something to read. 

• I love taking a shower in the dark or with scented candles. I will handle my business in the shower getting cleaned and then turn the light off and stay under the water until it gets cold.

• Hate Facebook WITH A PASSION. Don’t have one. Don’t want one. 

What are some of your weird habits or weird facts?

That’s all Dolls and Gents! 

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2 thoughts on “I’m Probably Too Weird For You

  1. Hahaha!! I love it!! Umm..I never thought about it til now:
    I hate wearing socks and they get wet.
    I love the smell and sometimes taste of it.
    I hate when different foods on my plate touch.
    I hate eating til I’m full.
    I love a man in sweats too!!
    I hate the beginning stages of falling in love.
    I love white clean teeth.
    I love a man with a little bit of manicured or freshly cut fingernails.

    That’s a few lol!

    Love the post!!

    Liked by 1 person

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