Girl meets Girl

My friends and I recently had a girls night and we were sitting around discussing life. You know girl stuff. 

So the question got asked…have you ever been with a girl before? And I swear you could hear a pin drop. Lol. I was the first to break the silence. I was like, “What’s the big deal? Have y’all ever been with a girl or not? It doesn’t make you a lesbian.” So my friend says, “If you are a woman and you have had sex with another woman it automatically makes you a lesbian.” I swear we discussed this for hours. 

So what do you think? Does being sexually involved with a woman make you a lesbian? I would say no

Have I ever been with a woman? Yes, twice. I loved every minute of it but does that make me a card carrying lesbian now? In my opinion, in order to be a full blown lesbian you would have to DATE a lesbian. You two would have to claim each other and all that other jazz. 

It was a beautiful experience and one of the women I was with did want to be in a relationship. She had been strictly dating and sexing women for over a decade but weird thing is…to this day, she doeesnt consider herself a lesbian. She said she’s a free spirit

We are actually really good friends and she has hinted a few times that she wants to do it again. The other girl I was with considered herself bisexual. 

The first woman I was with I actually met her on a trip. My job had surprised us with an all expenses paid 3 day trip to the beach. She worked at my job but in a different department. We ended up talking and doing a little shopping together. We actually became really good friends (we still are today). 

We had been drinking one night and she blurted out that I had a nice body. I was tipsy and just remember laughing. Then she said your breasts look too perfect to be real can I touch them. I let her and we started kissing. She was a great kisser. I think she was obsessed with my breasts because she kept touching and kissing them. The experience was mind blowing and I really enjoyed myself. I was on the receiving part. Too nervous to be a giver that night. We hooked up maybe once more after that and the second time was even better. I think I was more attracted to her mind and conversation than anything. Not to say she wasn’t attractive. She’s short, busty with a huge butt and a smile that will light up any room.  Her lips touched and caressed me in places I didn’t know I could be aroused in. I slept like a baby that night. 

The other woman was absolutely gorgeous. She looked like a model. Long wavy hair, beautiful eyes, she was busty too and slim. We actually met through mutual friends. We became fast friends because we had so much in common. It’s like everything I did she. I forget how I found out that she was bisexual but I did. I asked her one night did she prefer men or women. I wasn’t trying to come on to her. Just conversation. She said women. I don’t know how we ended up in her bed but we did. She was so into pleasing me. She kept saying …”Are you liking this?” “Does it feel good?” All she wanted to do was satisfy me. She was older but didn’t look it at all. She was very experienced with pleasing a woman. VERY

I think being with a woman is beautiful. It’s a different type of high than being with a man. A woman knows where to touch you, how to kiss you and we understand each other better. But I still love the men and I could never just be with women. Nah.

I haven’t been with a woman again in years. Would I ever do it again? Probably. And if I had a choice between one of the two women I had already been with, who would I choose? Definitely the first one. She rocked my soul to the core

So back to the original question. I do not consider myself a lesbian just because I have been with two women. If I ever did it again, it would just be another beautiful experience. I think people put too many titles and stipulations on things and experiences. Sex is just sex. I honestly don’t think you can give sex a title unless you are dating that person. Agree or disagree?

Until the next time Dolls and Gents! *waving*

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2 thoughts on “Girl meets Girl

  1. *applauds* I highly agree with you! Proclaiming one as a lesbian is first a lifestyle she must claim and identify with herself. Secondly, there would be too many part time lesbians if that was the case! I too had several experiences with women yet, I’m no lesbian. I love men. I love penis. I love the thought of men.

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