Fcuk a Cutty Buddy!

According to UrbanDictionary.com

a person you have on your roster who is strictly for sexual relations or booty calls. There are no other ties in that relationship other than the cut up you receive from that person.

Girl, let me just be your cutty buddy because we don’t get along well enough to have a real relationship but the sex is good.

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I planned for a very seductive and kinky Saturday evening. The red laced teddy bear lingerie with matching thong, was laid out on top of the bed. Leaning against the side, were my red thigh high ‘freakum‘ boots and draped over my computer chain- the black trench coat.

My Goal: Change His Life.

So if you read …. then you know I had yet to go into our last intimate encounter, until now. He was the type of guy who allowed me to take complete control until he could no longer deal with it. I was sucking the life out of him with every inch that I purposely devoured. Ladies, if oral is your thing, don’t start off showing all of your best cards. You have to filp them over one at a time-never truly exposing your complete freak. Kiss the head first. Lick along the shaft. Softly caress his balls. You have to introduce your sex to him without overwhelming yourself. 

So anytime I would go down on him, I pictured myself tongue kissing while I stroked him in a massaging manner with both hands. If you don’t want to burn out so quickly…use your hands, titties, thighs…use your body in order to preserve your mouth. 

He would fuck my hands really fast before calming down when I placed my tongue on his head. This made him desire my full lips even more! He would damn near explode every time I would alternate from stroking to deep-throating

Anyways…this is besides the point. Needless to say, I would blow his mind every time we had sex. He was use to cumming once from oral, his appetizer and again from my pudding.I aimed to please him. So what happened Saturday?

Well we made arrangements for me to come through that evening. Because I was driving to see him in the mentioned outfit, I decided I would leave a little earlier. So I texted to inform him that I would be arriving a little after 7:30p. Oh, we also made plans to have a picnic Sunday morning in the park. This would have been a little much for a cutty buddy.

When he replied to only tell me he was at his cousin’s house watching the game and would call me when he was leaving, I almost busted my brain. DF you mean?!  This was my breaking point where I realized, I was doing too much.

I had feelings for him and it was clear. I had to pump my brakes and quick! It was obvious we were viewing and prioritizing one another differently. I had been giving him Epic PussC all this time along when he viewed me as some random chick.

The thing is…I’m not a basic chick. My ultimate goal when it came to sex was to establish feelings first before getting intimate, that way it would be more intense. He was a basic dude getting more treatment than others. When he replied and told me I should have mentioned it earlier, I was done. And I informed him of that. The fact that we had plans arranged prior to him even going to his cousin’s house, showed me that he really didn’t give a flying karate-kick shit! Who was giving you the pudding?! Me or your damn cousin. I honestly believe he got comfortable and no longer gave a shit. Guess what, neither was I.

The point of this post is to give you my situation and spread the knowledge. Don’t share your Epicness with some Standard Ass person. If they’re not going out of their way to WOW you…question if they even deserve the PussC.You save your best for someone who is going to deliver above and beyond your expectations and not just once or twice.

I guess I will be practicing celibacy until I get things together with someone on my level.

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6 thoughts on “Fcuk a Cutty Buddy!

  1. You most definitely can not share epic stuff with basics, you just can’t. But you know how men are about their game. Now don’t get upset but I do believe he was watching the game and all into it BUT he should have said forget that game and been ready for you especially if he knew of the plans.

    Enjoyed your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss..and you’re probably right..he could have been watching it but fcuk…I just told his ass last weekend…That’s my Dick and I need 24/7 access. He could have watched the game at his house…he got comfortable with me delivering grade A pussc..regardless of whether or not he had let me down. I spoiled him!

      Thanks boo!!


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